Social Media Manager with Pinterest

The Power of Social Media for SEO and Traffic


Socia Media Manager with Pinterest Engage your readers. Build a following. Drive your 3D printing authority off the charts.

These are just a few of the things our social media management service can help you accomplish. Learn how it helps you take control of our market; the 3D printing industry.

You will receive Tweets on Twitter, Facebook updates, Google+ posts, Pinterest pins and more.

All of these social platforms are now an important part of successfully publicizing and marketing your offering in the 3D printing market.

Often, social media campaigns fail because the the 3D printing clientele sees the activity as more noise and it gets filtered out. Poor use of social media broadcasts advertising to everybody, but nobody receives the signal.

If you want to truly engage your potential customers and clients on these social media platforms, you’ll have to do a lot of work. You’ll have to be relevant to the 3D printing audience.

Question: How are you going to find the time to write the Tweets, Facebook and Google+ posts, the images and posts you’re going to share on Pinterest, when you have a product or service to craft and perfect?

Social media is important, but creating and improving your product is more important and just as, if not more, time-consuming.

So let us tell you how we can help…

Our 3D printing social media management service is based on creating the kind of content and developing the relationships that interest your potential customers and make them want to hear from you. We write about 3D printing because we’re experts and provide thoughtful and relevant content to the 3D printing audience. Before telling you more about that, let us show you just why social media is so important below.

How Important are Social Media Signals for SEO?

We are always on the lookout for new information about how 3D printing websites are ranked and how we can drive more high-quality traffic to our client’s websites. Every indicator points to social media as a critical website ranking signal.

There are many sites that have a low amount of backlinks (other sites linking to you) or that are generally of a lower quality, which still seem to be found on Google and other engines. How do they do it? You don’t need three guesses to know – it’s the signals coming from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

Here is an example we recently studied which shows the potential power of using social media to improve your rankings:

Website Ranking Factors

Social Media Engagement the Simple Way

How can 3D Printing Marketer help you improve your presence on social media? It’s really quite simple – we’ll do everything for you. From the time-consuming work of setting up accounts, crafting the posts for the various social networks, linking to your website, product, or service, to engaging with your followers and getting your message out to the digital world. All this without you having to type a single message yourself, letting you focus on improving your product or service.

There are no shortcuts, no automated “bots” that post lifeless-sounding messages or tweets – we know how important it is to provide quality content and information when engaging with social media users. Here is how we do it.

Step 1: Matching Your Message to Your Followers

We let you choose which of the categories you want to use for your business. We recommend choosing multiple categories to make sure your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest feed is interesting and engaging.

– News and Trends
– Call to Action
– General Interest
– Statistics
– Appeal to Senses
– Request for Response
– Trivia
– Pictures, Videos and Audio
– Special Event Announcements
– Daily Calendar
– Future and Technology
– Social Giving

Step 2: Writing High Quality, Custom Posts

We then create custom messages to match your 3D printing business. We use a combination of quotes, news, engaging comments, media, and your marketing messages. 3D printing readers keep following you because they enjoy the news and ideas you are sharing.

Step 3: Backlinks To Your Website

Social media is an important method of adding new backlinks to your site and building links to deeper content on your site, too. All of the search engines, Google not least among them, are paying attention to links from social media. You get to choose how often we use your URL in the posts, or if you just want to use your social media accounts for client engagement.

What We Offer

We’ll help you with four social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Each of these has its own specific culture and style, and we’ll make sure to use it effectively.

If you already have a profile on one, some, or all of these sites, we can use that, or make a new, full profile from scratch. In addition, we can post using your company name or as a third party.

You get to decide what kind of content you want us to post. We’ll also link the social media together, so that people who follow your Twitter feed will know about your Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest pages as well.

We can also track the number of visitors to your site by using links. Every click-through is registered, so we will be able to find out how many people are going to your website, analyze the traffic, and make any changes to the content of the message that are deemed necessary.

The Features of Our Service


– We’ll post 30 tweets a month, or 1 per day.
– We’ll follow 30 new Twitter profiles that are relevant to your niche.
– 5 retweets of high-quality posts by others.
– 5 outreaches to authoritative industry people.
– Creation of a full profile with avatar if you don’t have one already.


– We’ll craft 10 to 20 Facebook updates per month for posting.
– We’ll create a full profile, with biography, information, and pictures so that people are convinced of its authenticity.


– We’ll craft and share 10 posts on Google+
– We’ll create a full profile, with biography, information, and pictures so that people are convinced of its authenticity.


– We’ll pin and share 10 interesting posts with images.

We have put together this offer to launch your social media campaign and give your website rankings the boost they deserve.

All we need from you to get started is for you to click on the ‘Order Now’ button below. It is time for you to latch onto the power of social media to build your 3D printing enterprise and drive your rankings, traffic, and influence higher!

Let us take the work of daily social media management off your hands. Order Social Media Manager with Pinterest for $549 per month: