Audio Links

Turbocharge Your Site’s Brand Recognition, Authority and Keyword Rankings


We introduce our Audio Links service. This service leverages the power of top audio sharing sites to increase authority, diversity, and traffic to your site. Promote your site with sound on the biggest audio sites online. Get your 3D printing knowledge into sound bytes and help your clients understand what you are offering, and how it is different.

Google has taken notice of a simple fact. High authority sites in all markets use audio content to communicate with their clients. Audio content linked to your website increases your brand recognition, authority, ranking power, and gives you another avenue to capture traffic for your site.

You can no longer pound the search engines with empty low value links and expect top rankings for your keywords. Today’s SEO requires new strategies. We present…

Audio Links

Creating 3D printing audio content, signing up for accounts on audio sharing sites, creating profiles, and uploading content takes massive amounts of time and commitment. Is your lack of time and knowledge stopping you from using the strength and impact of audio? Are you worried about producing quality audio?

How Do We Leverage The Power Of Audio Links?

Our team has come up with an innovative solution to help you grab extra influence in your market, which eliminates all your concerns. Here is what we provide for you:

  1. We produce impactful audio content saving you time and effort.
  2. We create unique logins on 20 high authority audio sharing sites just for you.
  3. We construct customized profiles optimized for your niche for increased ranking power.
  4. We upload your new audio content + backlinks saving you hours of time.

We produce audio content targeted to your site and market which includes a unique promotional voice over for your site. You can pick one of our standard templates or submit your own. We then take the targeted audio and upload it to all 20 of your new audio accounts.

The Benefits of Using Our Audio Links Service

Indexed Fast

Bots crawl these audio sites constantly. Google indexes your new content fast giving rapid benefits to your site.

Higher Link Diversity

Link diversity is critical to avoid penalties. Using Audio links adds more variety to your link profile boosting your diversity.

Increased Authority

Site authority is a key element in ranking your site. Adding new sources of quality content increases your site authority.

Improved Branding

Top brands communicate with their customers using different formats. Adding Audio to your content profile increases website recognition.

Boost Rankings

Bottom line, with more diversity and improved branding: your rankings climb as you trigger more of Google’s critical ranking signals.

You Can Get Our Audio Links Service For $297.